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A Servant Heart

A Servant Heart

What a beautiful late July morning. Setting out on the patio this morning almost had that early Fall feeling and smell to it. It’s going to be a Great Day in the Lord!

Last Friday, Kansas FCA had the opportunity to serve a dinner and a message to 300 athletes and coaches at the Kansas Shrine Bowl. This has been a yearly event for the past several years and I love getting the chance to be a part of such a great athletic event in our state.

Martin Luther King once said, “Everybody can be great because everybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

This year going into our Shrine Bowl Banquet I was a little low on volunteers. We usually have around 14-16 volunteers for this event to help set-up, serve the meal, and clean up afterwards. With only 9 volunteers I knew it could be a challenge to keep things rolling. But what I didn’t know was that God had supplied me with 9 amazing people with servant hearts and the desire to get a job done. We not only were ready when the athletes and coaches arrived, but the meal was served very quickly and orderly and we finished our clean-up earlier than any year before.

What a blessing it was to serve with a group that came with one thing on their mind – to serve others!

The great Coach John Wooden always had incredible talent and exceptional athletes. But one other important thing that can’t be overlooked with the Wooden-coached teams was a bigger bond he instilled in them. Coach Wooden taught his players to be accountable to each other. He coached them to look at the “we” instead of the “me”. He taught team building and not only did this lead to many NCAA championships, it also led to some amazing men coming out of his program and going on to successful lives. Coach Wooden knew that when his athletes cared about each other, they would serve each other and appreciate each other. They would put “we” before “me.”

When those 9 volunteers showed up on Friday to help us with our event, they showed up with a “we” before “me” heart. They showed up to serve others and not look for what’s in it for me. I was so blessed not only by their actions but by their hearts.

So I spent much of my weekend checking my servant heart! How am I doing with the “we” before “me” ? Would I make it on a Coach Wooden team?

My prayer this weekend looked something like this. Lord allow me to live my life in the servant way you taught us. Allow me to be an all-in team player and coach. Allow me to shine your light through my serving, in a way it makes an impact on all those around me.

How’s your servant heart? Do you serve the other coaches around you? Your athletes? Your employees? Your co-workers? Your husband or your wife? Would you make it on a Coach Wooden team?

Have a blessed week and seek out a way to serve someone this week. God will be smiling down on you as you do.