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Check Your Well

Check Your Well

As my 5 year old daughter said this morning... 2 MORE DAYS! The end of another school year is here and it sure seemed to fly by for me. I spent 4 amazing days last week at the FCA National Support Center with other FCA Directors, Representatives, and Leadership from the Midwest Region. What a blessing and uplifting 4 days. God is truly taking the FCA ministry on some big new steps into the future, and I can’t wait to see what happens in our SEK Region!

As I sat and listened to many speakers throughout the week, I had so many things I just kept thinking I wanted to share with all of you. Now, as I sit here this morning going over my notes, I realize I can’t do it all justice in one email. Much of the focus of the week was leadership! As I look at the names on this email list, I see an amazing group of leaders. I am so blessed to have a small part in each of your lives, and I pray God continues to use me as we all grow in Him. So, as I prayed this morning and began to think about what I wanted to share with all of you, I came to one quote from last week’s meeting that left a mark on me. What’s in the well comes up in the bucket!

We must all continue to fill our wells. We must continue to grow in Him every day. If you don’t take the time to hear the Word preached, read the Word daily, and fellowship with other believers your well will go dry. Once the well goes dry, we begin to pull up those empty buckets, and then we are simply relying on our own abilities and not allowing God to fill us with all we need. As I heard these words spoken last week, I knew how close to home personally it was hitting. Business has taken me away from filling my well as best as I can. I knew I was probably speeding through my devotion time and my reading of the Word (just to get it done). I began to worry, maybe my well was drying up! So today there’s a new focus. It’s time to get this well filled back up! God needs each of us to be full because we have so many opportunities to pour Him out on others every day.

Check your well my friends. Make sure it’s a full bucket coming up with every tug!