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As always ---- Melissa and I send our prayers to each of you and your families……. Just know God is using every one of you in the exact situation you are in at this very moment. Sometimes that’s not an easy thing to see, but trust in Him and let Him use you through all circumstances. We are doing just that as well……… God is GOOD!!

Over the weekend, we took Hope (our 5yr old) to pick out her costume for Halloween this year. As she stood at this big board looking at all the options she had to choose from, I began to imagine that board in a different way.

Everyone in this email group has made choices of who they are today. Some have chosen to be teachers/coaches, some businessmen and business women, some are in the medical field, and some have chosen to go into full time ministry. This group is full of all kinds of choices relating to our professions. And then, you can look at all the different hobbies and free time choices we have made. We have some hunters in this group, a few singers, some golfers, a marathon runner, a beekeeper, and even a unicyclist!! And that’s just mentioning a few of the variety of things we do --- this list goes on and on…..

Now, picture that big board my daughter was looking over. Instead of the Disney characters, the animal costumes, and all the other typical Halloween choices……… insert all the personal uniforms we wear every day!! I could see all our choices laid out on that big board. So many different things God has given us talents to use for His glory. But, as I thought about all those options………. I knew there was that one BIG Choice that set right in the middle of that big board. That choice that makes each and every one of us a Child of God!!

John 1:12 - But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

This my friends, is the ultimate choice for all of us!! It’s the choice the determines our eternity. As disciples for Christ, we must continue to share this message with all we encounter. Don’t let someone you know, miss out on making the most important choice!! Help someone this week to zero in on the most important choice on that big board!!!