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Look to Jesus

Look to Jesus

We took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather and got some projects done around our house. Everything was going great until one clumsy step on my part yesterday! I was removing some stuff from our storage shed and stepped out of the building onto a brick and hit it on the edge. I heard a loud snap as I felt my ankle bend in a way that used to happen when I competed on the basketball court. I knew immediately this wasn’t good. Thankfully, Hope was outside with me at the time, and she ran to the house to get Melissa. My nurse-wife took great care of me the rest of the day, plunging my foot into a bucket of ice water several times and making me keep it elevated. Even with all that, it’s not looking good today. Lots of swelling and pain. Praying it gets better so I don’t have to make a trip to the doctor.

That one wrong step for me got me to thinking last night about a step Peter once took. I have always loved the Bible story of Peter stepping out of the boat and walking on the water. {Matthew 14: 22 -33} Well…Peter didn’t walk very long because he lacked the trust he needed in Jesus. He began to think in his human ability and not in God’s supernatural thus he doubted what he was doing. We often do that very same thing. We know God has a path for our lives but we doubt ourselves. We start to see the opposition and challenges (the waves) around us and we fall. Like Peter, our focus must remain on Jesus Christ in all that we do.

When you are asked to take a step in a new direction – Look to Jesus!

When you are dealing with struggles in your life – Look to Jesus!

When you are doubting yourself – Look to Jesus!

Never take your eyes off Him. He’s got you, no matter what.

I personally really needed this reminder today and I hope someone else did too. Keep walking towards Him. Just look out for those nasty bricks in your path.