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Pruning the Weeds

Pruning the Weeds

Thank you to so many of you who have emailed or called checking on our daughter and praying for her. She is still on bed rest at Truman Medical Center in Kansas City. They are keeping her on antibiotics to fight off infections and giving her steroids to help the babies lungs and other organs get stronger. Every day is a good day as the baby continues to grow.

I have felt a little overwhelmed and extremely busy for the past week. I can’t seem to shut my mind down at night or catch up with all I need to do during the day. I read this over the weekend and it hit home for me. Hope it helps someone else to read this today.

“Other seed fell in the weeds; the weeds grew with it and strangled it.” Luke 8:7

You can’t hear God when your mind is crowded with thoughts, worries, fears, and plans, or if you always have the radio or TV on. And if you constantly have your phone against your ear, when God calls all he gets is a busy signal. These distractions are what Jesus was referring to in Luke 8 when he talked about the seed falling in the weeds. This verse says those weeds grew with the seed and strangled it.

If you are always on the go and you can’t hear God, you are facing the barrier of busyness. Often, we confuse busyness with productivity and they aren’t the same thing. If you keep going, going, going but you aren’t spiritually growing, growing, growing, you are busy, not productive. Jesus says distractions are like weeds that grow up in your mind and heart, just as weeds grow in a garden. There are three types of weeds that will keep you from hearing God’s voice:

Worries – The Greek word for worry is merinma, which means “pulled in different directions.” When you are pulled in different directions, you are worried. And when you are worried, you can’t hear God.

Riches – You can be so busy making a living, trying to make money to pay the bills and get out of debt that you can’t hear God.

Pleasures – God gives you pleasures, and they are a good thing. But you can get so busy pursuing pleasures and fun that you forget to pursue God as well.

How much effort does it take to grow weeds? None. Weeds are a sign of neglect. When you neglect your time with God, the weeds start to grow in your life. To overcome the weeds, you must learn to overcome your preoccupied mind. 1 Kings 19:12 says that when God spoke to Elijah, it wasn’t in a wind or earthquake or fire; it was in a gentle whisper. If you want to hear God whisper to you, you must be quiet. Slow down and give yourself time to grow in Him!