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Reflect & Recharge

Reflect & Recharge

What a difference in the weather today from yesterday!!! I think winter is back!!

Melissa, Hope, and I took advantage of yesterday’s beautiful day and spent some time at the lake. We hiked, we picnicked, we played frisbee and hit some baseballs. It was such a nice day and being able to enjoy the outside in January is sometimes impossible. The break in the weather and the break away from the craziness of our life was greatly needed!! As we hiked the trail near the lake, our 5 year old Hope was leading the way. Her imagination of things she was seeing along the path, her excitement as she found the next marker telling us we were on the right path, and watching her set and look out over the lake was just what I needed.  

Life can be overwhelming sometimes!!  But that pause we got yesterday was so refreshing!! Seeing our 5-year-old explore the little things that God has made. Seeing my wife smile and laugh!! Knowing that life can be crazy sometimes, but I am a blessed man to have the people in my life that God has given me. It was just what I needed to get through the next few weeks of winter!! Spring isn’t that far off. 😊

We all need a break….. a pause in our life to recharge ourselves. Work, family, finances, and many more things can get us all caught up in trying to survive the next day. Find your pause……. Seek God and take a break from life. Yesterday was just that for us. We thanked Him for the nice day and we stepped away from all the hustle and bustle of life and we just enjoyed the day.

If you haven’t taken a pause in your life in a while……. Please do!!  

Life is so good!!