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Water Walking

Water Walking

What a brisk cold weekend. Whew! Spring is close, though. Pitchers and Catchers are reporting to Spring Training this week! I thought I might share something profound about love this week since Valentine’s day in on Wednesday, but I just couldn’t come up with anything that seemed profound so guess I’ll skip that one for now.

So, my thought for this week comes from my very favorite story in the Bible. I just spoke to a group of athletes about this very story a couple of weeks ago and it has just lingered in my mind like it always does anytime I go back and read it. Matthew 12: 22-32 tells the story of Jesus walking on the water. But it’s not the story of Jesus doing the “Water Walking” that intrigues me. Peter walked on the water too……….. How amazing cool that had to have been!!!

The scripture tells us - When Jesus told Peter to “come” Peter climbed out of the boat and started walking towards Jesus. At first, he didn’t pay any attention to the wind and the waves crashing around him. He was focused on Jesus – eyes straight ahead looking at the one who was giving him his strength. But then, what did he do? He started looking at all the chaos around him. That crazy wind and those wild waves. He began to get nervous. He began to panic. And boom!! He began to sink!

This story sounds so much like my life and I’m guessing many of yours as well. When we are focused on Christ and we are looking to Him for our strength…….. life is good!! We are “Water Walking” - But what happens when we start to spend too much time looking at the worldly stuff? All the wild winds and crazy waves of life that beat us up! We begin to sink just like Peter. When we let the worldly stuff become our focus, we begin to get nervous, we might panic, we might not handle things properly. We get overwhelmed!!!

God does not want us to live our life being overwhelmed, being nervous…….. He wants us to be comfortable every day. And – our comfort comes from Him. From putting our eyes on Him first thing in the morning and keeping our eyes there no matter what crazy things life might throw at us that day!! My prayer for each of you today as that you might spend many days “Water Walking” Keep your eyes on Him in the midst of your storms!! He will always see you through. Have a great week and make sure you spend some special time with that special person in your life this week.

Don’t forget the Flowers, Candy, or Dinner on Wednesday!! And for those of you who don’t have that special significant other yet…….. Pray for God to bring you the exact perfect person He has for you. Any love story that starts Christ-Centered is a blessed love story.