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Thoughts & Inspiration

  • The Unknown

    The unknown that the future holds can be one of the most stressful aspects of life.  Whether it be a health issue, family situation, career doubt, etc…the worries of what tomorrow might hold can be paralyzing if we allow it to be.  What causes all the stress and worry?   Read More...

  • What's Next?

    Just over a week ago, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after he paid a debt on the cross that we could never repay.  The question is: where do we go from here?  Do we limit the celebration of Christ’s resurrection to one Sunday in the Spring, or do we seek to celebrate what Christ has done for us and through us each and every day.   Read More...

  • Preparation For Life

    It has been fun this week attending all the sub-state basketball action in Southeast Kansas.  What a crazy week for our coaches, athletes, and fans!  The competition on the court has been fierce.   Read More...

  • Encouragement

    Are you an encourager or discourager in life?  Do people come to you, and lean on you for encouragement and to be lifted up?  It is no secret that going through life can be tough...every day we deal with struggles and trials.   Read More...

  • Derby High School

    Derby High School FCA continues to shine a bright light at their school.  Derby High went without a huddle last school year.  FCA staff helped restructure and reorganized the huddle to fit the needs of the school.   Read More...

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