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FCA Wrestling - Kansas

Mission Statement

As a sports-specific ministry of FCA, we embody the mission of FCA specifically in the sport of wrestling. The power of the sports-specific ministry is that we are able to focus on the one sport we are passionate about -- wrestling -- and mobilize people to impact our sport for Christ. FCA Wrestling Kansas, (FCAWKS), exists to serve coaches, athletes, and fans associated within the sport of wrestling, and empower them to make a difference for Jesus. 

Our goal is simple: to impact the lives of wrestling coaches, athletes, and all whom they influence, with the love and power of Jesus Christ. When this happens, there is a tremendous ripple effect on families, teams, schools, communities, and beyond. Without your support, however, we do not exist. 

Please consider being a part of the FCAWKS ministry. Follow the link provided to get plugged in with FCAWKS and become a partner in God's work as we minister throughout Kansas. Together we can, and will, make an impact for Jesus Christ.

~Kelly Benton, Field Representative
FCA Wrestling - Kansas





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